The mission

Last week my husband courageously made a nine hour drive alone with our two-year-old daughter to see his family, and left me alone with my long to-do list, and my thoughts, for a week.  The longest I had ever been away from her before this was six hours.  I was nervous, but mostly excited, to have Time again.

I caught up on some lagging friendships, slept in, and didn't get nearly the quantity of work done that I thought I would.  Still, when they returned to the house that hadn't been organized, the projects that hadn't been finished, and the thousands of thoughts that hadn't been cataloged, they found me in a good state.

One thing I did get to articulate, and see through to completion, was my mission statement for my running snail and rainbow project.  My mission is a lofty goal, one that I hope to achieve a small piece of with every new and existing piece in the collection so far.  Here it is:

Many, many thanks to Lindsey from Miscellaneous Media Photography for collaborating with me on this, and for taking such beautiful pictures.

I have a lot more to say, especially about imagination, but that's for another day.  Right now, the air is so crisp and beautiful outside that I want to be in it, carving my woodblock.

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