a b o u t

photo credit: Lindsey Walters
My name is Phoebe and I live in Virginia, in a small town called Staunton, which is hilly, lovely, and has the world's only recreation of Shakespeare's indoor theatre (the latter is the big bragging right around here).  I was born in Switzerland, but when I was six we moved to a small town in America.  I got to go back to Switzerland intermittently for extended periods of time, and also got to live in France for several months, and England for two years.  I carry those places with me wherever I go.  I'm married and I have a little girl.  Both of those people change my life for the better every day.

I've always loved to draw.  "Running Snail and Rainbow" was the name I gave my first-ever titled drawing (read: scribble).  Throughout my life I've actively pursued not being an artist, but, one grows out of rebellion, and one finds oneself embracing the things that we loved when we were small.

Besides being a mother, wife, and artist, the other thing I do with my days is cook.  When you've had a bad day at the drawing board, and you can't translate the image in your head onto the paper, it's comforting to know that you can go in the kitchen, combine three or four ingredients, and something wonderful will happen.  And then you eat it, and there's no trace of it.  The first thing I learned how to make was salad dressing, and it's still probably one of my favorite things to make.  I hope you find my recipes approachable and delicious.

Thanks for being here.
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